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Being good at what you do simply is not good enough…You must commit to making Sales & Marketing a Priority.  Are you a small business owner determined to  increase revenue, decrease  costs, and maximize profit? (If you’re not… you should leave now)

Hire A Marketing Consultant and Small Business Coach The #1 business problem… SOLVED!

Marketing Seminars, Webinars, and Workshops for Small Business Owners, Sole-Proprietors, and Startups

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Sales Webinar –  *** SOLD OUT ***

Dear Business Owner,

There are two types of business owners.  The ones that invest in their sales & marketing, and ultimately in their business, and those that do not.   Common sense and experience dictates which type of business thrives and which barely survives.

The key is to Take Action

Make Marketing a priority in your business and discover how you can put your Sales & Marketing efforts on steroids with Simple and Proven Strategies.

Which of these Sales & Marketing Problems Do You Want To Overcome TODAY!?

We haven’t done much Marketing and Need To Learn

Our Sales have been Flat Lining or Declining and We Need A Boost

We are a Small Business with a Small Budget

We want to be ahead of the Competition

We are not getting enough Marketing Bang for our Advertising Dollars

We are not going to buy into the Recession

Too much social media hype and technology to keep up with

We need help implementing systems and processes

We are ready to license or franchise, at least we think  we are

We don’t have the sizzle to go with  our steak

We have Lost Focus and Need Direction

Join Marketing Consultant Gregor Anton…

for his small-business owner specific business building event.  This jam-packed, high-energy, no non-sense session will be the best time you can invest to improve your business, guaranteed.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner, sole proprietor, or consultant, you must attend this reality based Sales and Marketing Seminar to learn how you can…

Spend Less, Make More
and Get Results!

Don’t Have Time for a Seminar?
Seminar Overload?
Time for ACTION?

Seminars can be a type of analysis paralysis…  There is an old expression “You Can’t Teach a Kid How to Ride a Bike at a Seminar”, and it tends to be true.  There is a point in time where you have to put all that knowledge and education to work and make things happen…

Fast track your Business to Marketing Success and  put your business in the hot-seat with my Sales & Marketing Audit.

This 2 hour intensive gap analysis that will form the basis of your new marketing plan and point your business in an entirely new direction.   A must for the serious small business owner.

If it has been over a year that you’ve sat down with a Marketing Consultant, you owe it to yourself to get that checkup.   I guarantee you wish we sat down sooner.


Advertising Webinar Agenda

  • Good Ads vs. Bad Ads
  • #1 Reason for Advertising Not Working
  • Developing Your Marketing Strategy
  • Ad Review
  • The Rascal Technique
  • Advertising Concepts
  • Advertising Formula
  • Successful Ads
  • Sample Ads
  • Effective Advertising Methods
  • AIDA and DEER Technique
  • Advertising Review

– …and much much more!

Sales Webinar Agenda

  • Sales Self Check
  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Master the Sales Cycle
  • Objections
  • Sales Statistics
    …and much much more!
  • Marketing Webinar Agenda
  • Marketing Self Check
  • Marketing Gap Analysis
  • Marketing Foundation
  • Marketing Systems
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Numbers
  • Growing Your Business
  • Sales and Marketing Process
  • Sales Secrets
  • Effective Marketing Materials
  • The AIDA an DEER Approach
  • Prospect to Profits
  • The Human Element
    …and much much more!

Before you Waste Another Cent on Marketing That Does Not Work
Be Sure to Register for one of my Webinars…

Why Market in a Recession?
80% of Small Business Owners Were Dissatisifed with Marketing before the Recession…
Many more are now struggling to get results and stay afloat!
Numerous studies have shown that companies that keep spending on marketing in a recession do significantly better than those which make big cuts.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner, sole proprietor, or business startup, you must attend this reality based Sales and Marketing Seminar to learn how you can…